[18+] Revenge Fuck (pretty Dirty)

Revenge FuckThere’s no better way to get back at a rotten friend than by fucking their super hot girlfriend. That’llteach ’em! Damon Dice and Jessy Jones are dumbfounded when their scandalous hot fantasies of getting theirdick wet with their bud’s girl’s warm sweet pussy juice becomes a reality. Jillian Janson pulls Damon asidewhen her no good boyfriend isn’t looking, begging Damon for a good Revenge Fuck. Jessy is tired of seeing hisdumb bro roommate constantly standing up his hot Asian girlfriend Morgan Lee, but his fantasies don’t endthere. When Morgan goes to the bathroom to take a pee, he just has to see. When Mick has trouble deciding onan intern to promote he gives the two hottest candidates the right to make the decision for him, by provingtheir cock sucking sills. But the scandal doesn’t end there…The Peevert: Jessy Jones is at home minding his own business, catching up on his favorite dorkyanime when Morgan Lee shows up to go to lunch with her boyfriend, his roommate. Morgan has never understoodwhy her boyfriend would live with such a weirdo dork like Jessy, but when he convinces her to stick around,and wait for him, she can’t refuse. Deep down she’s pissed at brad, but Jessy has seduction on his mind,after all his favorite things are right there beside him. First off, she’s Asian, and he loves everythingAsian, but when she goes to pee he just can’t resist creeping on her while she does his other favorite thing,pissing. Jessy whips out his cock like any other fanboy and gets to work. Morgan notices him right away, andinstantly decides to exact her revenge on Brad with Jessy. Jessy’ dreams are coming true before our eyes, hisDorky attitude pays off when he gets his big cock deep throated by Morgan. She needs more of him too once shegets an idea just how big his dick is. She peels off her dress and bend over to take his big cock, takingevery last inch inside her Asian wet pussy after eating out her wet pussy until she needs his cock again hepounds her deep with his shaft until she cums, screaming, rubbing his cum everywhere.Come By For Pie: While Johnny Castle is on one of his routine runs through the neighborhood, hespots none other than his sexy Ex-Wife, Chanel Preston. After only spotting her from behind, neither Ex canget over how sexy the other looks. Chanel can’t keep her eyes off Johnny’s rock hard body, while Johnny canimagine grabbing Chanel’s butt and eating her out from behind, like old times. With these fantasies in mind,Chanel invites Johnny for some dessert later that evening. This is an invitation that Johnny happily accepts.As day turns to night, Johnny arrives to Chanel’s house, greeted with a text message from Chanel directinghim into the house. Once inside, he hears moans only a true lover can recognize. As he follows the sounds,they lead to the Master Bedroom. As he opens the door, Chanel is seen knees bent, and bent over on the bedwearing the lingerie Johnny loved so much. Her new husband Ryan Driller thrusts his cock inside her. Johnnybegins to feel himself growing hard, almost unable to contain himself at the exact moment when Chanel inviteshim to join them. Together the husbands take turns pleasuring one another until Chanel is a cum filled wifeand both men are spent.Revenge Fuck: Jillian Janson and her boyfriend argue to the point where shes had enough. She needs areal man to satisfy her needs and get the attention she deserves. Who better to help her out sexually thanDamon Dice. AJ and Damon are sitting on the couch watching the game when Jillian asks for Damon’s help in thekitchen. She has eager sexual intentions he is oblivious to. She guides him into her bedroom implying sheneeds a good fuck from a real man. Damon doesn’t think it’s the best idea since his best friend is in theother room, but Jillian could care less and wants his cock bad. Jillian sucks Damon’s long hard cock down herthroat making his dick wet and her pussy moist. Damon sucks on her petite boobs, spreading her legs andsuckling her tight, shaved pussy. He finger fucks her hole stretching out her insides until she is ready toget her fuck on. Jillian moans with absolute pleasure, finally able to enjoy a nice hard cock inside of her,while forgetting all about her useless boyfriend. Jillian rides Damon’s cock in different positions, havingmultiple orgasms until Damon shoots his load directly inside her mouth and over her chest!Battle Of The Interns: Mick Blue is a powerful Lawyer, with a dirty mind and a job to get done.He’s sure that his two favorite Interns Cassidy Klein and AJ Applegate will go above and beyond to get thejob he’s offering them. Among the five summer interns only one can be chosen, and Mick has his eyes (and afew other things) focused on these two beautiful candidates. Without telling them exactly why they’re at hishouse on such a beautiful day, he hints that he’s willing to see how badly they want the job. Well, AJ takesthe hint immediately and is eager to pounce on Mick to make her impression. Cassidy is instantly jealous andpushes AJ out of the way to lay seductive kiss on Mick’s waiting mouth. AJ, now left out in the cold decidesthat she’ll get on her knees to prove she’s the best. after a great deep throating session with AJ, Cassidyuses her seductive charm to lure him to the Bannister with her pussy wafting his way in the open air. Hetakes the bait, and soon he is having his way with both these gorgeous interns. He fucks Cassidy while AJtakes his cock in her throat, and AJ even eats out Cassidy’s pussy when her throat isn’t filled. He has themboth suck his big cock at the same time. Before long, AJ needs her horny wet holes filled, so she climbs onfor a ride. Mr. Blue directs the whole affair, making sure they all have their fill. Cassidy and AJ sure gettheirs when he busts his nuts all over their faces and in their open mouths.