[18+] English Punishment Series 51

English Punishment Series #51. Inppropriate Activity At ST. Lukes”A junior teacher has been summoned at Mrs. Ravenscroft’s classroom to explain why she has altered herdaughter’s exam papers. At first she denies it, but when evidence is provided there is nothing to do butadmit it. Mrs. Ravenscroft threatens to tell the headmistress which will no doubt lead to dismissal for her,along with having her daughter thrown out of school. She is feeling very humble as she knows the ruthlessreputation of Mrs. Ravenscroft where discipline is concerned. Taking her across her knee she is given a hardhand spanking, followed by stiff paddling. The headmistress happens upon them and there is now hell to pay!Their discipline culminates in a severe caning for both of them!”C.P. Castings #2. Leila and Elisha turn up for a casting session at one of London’s premiere modeling agencies. EnteringGeorge’s suite they must advise him of the type of modeling they are willing to do. It’s not long howeverbefore they decide to give him a taste of lesbian love, and George is always ready to film a “promotionalclip”. In the midst of the heated session, Leila shouts to George to fetch some spanking implements. He findspaddles and a cane, which Leila uses on Elisha. Placing his camera on the tripod George joins the fun anddecides to give the girls a sharp caning. The second couple to enter the suite are Carrie and James. Theybegin to argue when they find out they have forgotten an important prop for the shoot. James gives Carrie afierce canin but this time George stays out of the row, merely filming with disbelieving eyes!”Peeping Tom”In “Peeping Tom” Meadows is caught watching two female teaches having a strap on session in the commonroom. When she is reprimanded by the Vice Principal and told to go to the study she knows what is about tohappen! She must keep her lips sealed, and in order to insure that a bare bottomed caning and spanking are inorder by the VP.