[18+] Strip Tickle Tease

Strip Tickle Tease. It’s a serious game of poker, at least for Kasie…though Tomiko starts to find humor in the game. Kasie starts to get upset with the annoying smirks and giggles. She threatens Tomiko and warns her to knock it off or else. Kasie becomes AGRESSIVE. Kasie deals a fast hand and then ties Tomiko’s hands fast! Kasie proceeds to tie up Tomiko – first wrists, then ankles. The tickling starts…first, with a feather duster and then more with the fingernails. Tomiko is tickled! Tickled to the feet, tickled to the armpits, tickled to the stomach! “I’ll give you something to laugh about!” Kasie warns. Tomiko is stripped! Tomiko is teased!