[18+] Bunni & Nio - Slippery When Wet

Bunni & Nio – Slippery When Wet. Bunni is in the shower, letting the water slide over her perfect breasts and ass, feeling blissful – until she realises Nio has used all of her shower gel. Nio is so remorseful to have upset her friend, and tries to make it up with a foot massage. Bunni’s cute feet are too irresistible not to suck, and the massage quickly turns into something more slippery… Nio spells out sorry on Bunni’s clit, and can’t help but bury her face into her labia. All is forgiven, and Bunni returns the favour by pulling Nio’s panties to the side and giving her clit a nice rub. They decide to get into the shower together, and heat things up some more!