[18+] Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets. Lulu Chu and Lexi Lore are sharing Beauty Secrets and order a new, trending black-market product that helps you look younger. But when the package finally arrives, their excitement quickly turns to shock as they discover it’s empty, except for a slimy substance inside. As they are wondering what happened, a sudden noise from the other room catches their attention. Lulu goes to investigate, unaware of the danger that awaits. As she is checking out the sink, a tiny parasite quickly jumps out and crawls inside her. She tries to seek help from her friend, but the creature takes control of her mind and she transfers the parasite to Lexi too. Now both possessed by the parasite, the girls find themselves consumed by lust so they get into intense lesbian action. They are fingering and eating each other’s pussy, scissoring while moaning loudly from the sensation, not stopping until they both reach orgasm!