[18+] Diablo Faceoff

Diablo Faceoff. Sia Siberia and Sam Bourne are competitive gamers, although Sia is more of a raging type, and she keeps saying that Sam sucks, which is quite irritating to him. They start arguing, after which Sia challenges Sam to a 1v1 battle.However, once Sam casts a spell in-game, it seems to do the same in real life to Sia. She suddenly becomes frozen in time. Sam is confused by it at first, especially since she gets unfrozen quickly. Next time, he casts a stronger version of that spell to stop time for Sia longer.Just like that, he turns her chair around and sticks his cock in Sias mouth. Well, look who sucks now. Sam cums in her mouth and places her back right before shes unfrozen again. Sia is confused for a moment, but it quickly fades away and shes back competing with Sam. Lucky for him, he still has the time freeze spell on the table, and this time, hes sticking his dick in Sias tight pussy.